City of Parkland Seeking Residential Developer for Heron Bay Golf Course Property

The City of Parkland published an Offering Memorandum to develop 21 acres of the former Heron Bay Golf Club on March 1, 2023. The city is seeking a residential single-family home developer to build homes on the so-called “dog leg” portion of the property that previously was the site of the first three holes of the golf course. 

The City intends to work closely with its selected developer through the approvals for the project, which the City envisions as a high-end complement to the surrounding area that integrates seamlessly with the Heron Bay Homeowners Association (HOA).

The Offering Memorandum is the latest milestone in the property’s politically-charged journey since being closed as a golf course in 2016. After several years as unused greenspace, the 223 acre property was purchased by The North Springs Improvement District (NSID), which, among other things, provides water treatment, wastewater collection, and stormwater management to nearly 40,000 residents in the cities of Parkland and Coral Springs.

NSID indicated that approximately 150 acres of the property will be used for stormwater management. The resulting green space would also allow for recreational walking trails. 

To help recover its $32 million purchase price, NSID intended to develop the remaining approximately 70 acres. The resulting proposals included large retail and commercial developments that were not in character with the surrounding community and created a political firestorm led by prominent members of the Heron Bay Community. 

Following strong public opposition by the Heron Bay Community Association and homeowners with properties abutting the land, multiple lawsuits were filed in an effort to prevent the proposed project from moving forward. Parkland Mayor Richard Walker subsequently proposed that the City purchase the property to resolve the situation.

In September 2022 the City of Parkland Commission stepped in to purchase the developable ~70 acres for $25.4 million. The city has subsequently divided the property into two pieces: the 21-acre residential parcel and a larger parcel where the former driving range was located. The city intends to develop the latter property for commercial/retail use.

After a residential developer is selected and the project is taking shape, the City will begin the search and selection process for a developer for the commercial/retail portion of the property. 

The selected developer will ultimately facilitate a number of public stakeholder meetings. The planning sessions will likely include residents, planners, City officials, architects, a landscape architect, a transportation expert, public safety officials, and others. The City believes that a collaborative planning mechanism would enable the most desirable outcome for all of Parkland.

It is undetermined when the planning process will begin for the commercial property.