Rescue Rings Installed at Coral Springs Parks Honor Aden Perry

The City of Coral Springs has partnered with the Aden Perry Good Samaritan and Scholarship Fund to install more than 70 rescue rings near bodies of water in city parks, both as a safety enhancement and to honor the memory of a heroic teen, Aden Perry.

The first set of rescue rings were installed at Cypress Park (1301 Coral Springs Drive) in Coral Springs following a ceremony with Sarah Perry (or “Aden’s Mum” as she likes to be called) along with Coral Springs city officials who placed the first apparatus near the body of water closest to the roadway.  Teams of city park employees, Coral Springs-Parkland Firefighters and EMTs, and Coral Springs Public Works Staff, Park Rangers, and more worked together to install additional rescue rings throughout the park.

Aden Perry was a 17-year-old high school student who tragically lost his life in April 2022 while trying to save another teen who had just accidentally driven his car into a lake. He heroically dove into the water where the car had careened to provide aid to the driver, but sadly, both young men died. 

Following her son’s passing, Aden’s mum has devoted her life to ensuring that lifesaving Rescue Rings are now available near bodies of water. 

The Coast Guard-regulated rescue rings are attached to a rope and are meant to allow anyone in the public to assist during a potential water emergency, without needing to enter the water themselves. To honor Aden’s memory, most rescue rings will feature a photo of Aden and a “Hero Message” that says: “A hero is a person of distinguished courage and ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

In addition, Perry’s heroic actions have resonated nationally. He was recently the recipient of the Carnegie Hero Fund Medal, North America’s highest honor for civilian heroism.