Celebrating Over 10 Years of Excellence in Education and Learning

Since 2013, the teachers and staff at Tree of Life Christian Academy Preschool have been committed to providing students with the highest level of care and education. As parents, we always want the best for our children. Ask any parent what they want in a preschool for their children, and you will always hear three things: safety, learning, and emotional development. Tree of Life has taken those priorities to heart and consistently strives to meet them.

The eleven-time Best of Weston winner and 2023 Best of Davie winner offers a unique, high-level learning curriculum with programs for infants through pre-kindergarten. They offer an innovative dual-core curriculum that includes immersive bilingual teaching. In fact, more Tree of Life students graduate reading at the first-grade level than any other Weston preschool. We visited Tree of Life to learn what makes them unique.

Dual-Core Curriculum
Tree of Life Christian Academy believes a successful education is centered on the curriculum used to teach kids. One of the curriculums has been used internationally for over 50 years. Scholastically, reading is half the battle for preschoolers. Their school’s curriculum has a six-step program to teach reading skills by using a phonetic approach.

At the same time they use a second Preschool Curriculum which is the component of a researched-based system of education. The curriculum has a set of teaching practices, content areas, assessment tools, and a training model to help teachers use the curriculum to support children’s development. The curriculum is based on Active Learning. 

Active Learning is direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas. Children are encouraged to “construct” their own knowledge by pursuing their personal interests and goals, guided by trained adults who understand the importance of learning areas for children in the preschool years.

Child Safety
Tree of Life Christian Academy is dedicated to the safety of every child who attends the school. This includes physical safety, maintaining a sanitary school environment, and ensuring that students’ emotional needs are met. The school employs a full-time armed security guard, has bullet proof entry doors, and offers an on-site clinic for their students. All Teachers are trained and certified in CPR and first-aid. The school even exceeds the CDC COVID-19 safety protocols; Take a tour today to learn about all of the amazing things they offer, making this a very special and safe preschool. In the times we are living in, this Preschool offers every important feature.

Engaging Classrooms & Facilities
The school’s warm and inviting classrooms are filled with age-appropriate materials to help stimulate creativity in each child. Learning centers include blocks, dramatic play, housekeeping, manipulatives, art, library, science, sand & water station, music and movement, as well as writing. The school is equipped with the latest technology, classrooms have Apple iPads, as well as an impressive 1,200 square-foot indoor play area and four outdoor playgrounds, and organic and natural lunches are served.

Committed Teachers & Staff
Tree of Life’s highly degreed and certified teachers motivate, encourage, and create a thirst for learning by building on each child’s individual strengths, gifts, and talents. As a Christian faith-based school, Tree of Life teaches moral and family values. Every student feels loved and valued every day they walk into this school.

Parents are invited to tour Tree of Life’s facilities, meet with the school’s staff, and speak with parents of existing students. After you do, you’ll know why they have been voted Best Preschool of Weston by the readers of Our City.  Tree of Life Christian Academy Preschool truly gives children a higher level of care & education. Due to their overwhelming success Tree of Life Preschool has expanded, opening their second location, which will is located in Cooper City.

Tree of Life Christian Academy Preschool  is located at 1250 SW 160th Ave in Weston (954) 440-0174 and 4035 Embassy Drive N. in Cooper City (954) 842-2238. To learn more about enrolling your child or to schedule a school visit, call or go to www.treeoflifeacademy.com.