Local Firefighter Inspires Youth Wins PuroClean Superhero Campaign

James Murad, a Tamarac firefighter from Davie, is being celebrated for his bravery and commitment to helping others in the PuroClean National Superhero Day Campaign. He stands out as a true hero among many impressive nominees, praised by Deputy Chief Jonathan Fraser and Fire Chief Michael Annese of Tamarac Fire Rescue. Murad’s fearless actions and quick thinking have saved lives and inspired his fellow firefighters and the whole community.

Apart from his firefighting duties, Murad spends time mentoring young people who want to become first responders. He leads the Firefighter Cadet Program, teaching essential skills to prepare cadets for the challenges of the job. Let’s learn more about Murad’s journey and why he’s the winner of the 2024 Superhero Day Campaign.

Born and raised in Davie, Murad always dreamed of helping others. After serving in the Army for four years, he felt even more strongly about serving his community. He briefly went to college but decided firefighting was his true calling.

Murad has a knack for working with young people. Before joining the Tamarac Fire Department, he taught EMT courses at a local high school. Since 2018, he has been busy both at work and at home, taking on the role of lead instructor in the cadet program and becoming a husband and father.

Two years ago, Murad revamped the cadet program to better prepare teens interested in becoming firefighters or EMTs. Under his guidance, cadets learn important skills like wearing firefighting gear, conducting search drills, and using hoses.

The cadet program also competes nationally, and this year, they participated in Coral Springs. Murad understands how to work with teenagers and believes in providing support and guidance to help them succeed.

Looking ahead, Murad wants to keep improving the cadet program and help graduates find jobs. For him, being a firefighter isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. He values the bonds he shares with his fellow firefighters and cherishes spending time with his family.

When he’s not busy saving lives or spending time with family, Murad enjoys staying active and playing golf with friends. His dedication to service and bravery make him a true hero in the eyes of many.