Cypress Bay’s Greased Lightning Robotics Team Wins State Championship

The Cypress Bay Varsity Robotics Team took home the top prize at the State of Florida Championship last month at the Florida FTC Championship. The Championship is a celebration of the end of the Florida FIRST Tech Challenge season and determines which Florida teams will qualify to attend the World Championship in Houston, TX.

Cypress Bay student Natalie (Nat) Menasche won the State’s Dean List Award and was recognized as one of the state’s most outstanding robotics students. The Weston High School’s teams earned First Place Connect Award & 2nd place Motivate Award.

The robotics team’s name, Greased Lightning, is a tribute to the 1950s movie Grease and is the longest-established team at the Cypress Bay Robotics Club!  The team is the culmination of the student’s desire to become “creators” in the truest sense of the term. Founded more than 14 years ago, the team has grown from just a few participants to a competitive force at the regional, state, and even national levels.

Greased Lightning competes in a number of competitions, including First Tech Challenge (FTC), MATE, Vex, SeaPerch, SECME, and more. Robotics students use their newly acquired technical savvy to have fun: they build racing cars, 3D print rehabilitative technology, write technical papers, and more. 

Robotics is the art of forging atoms and using natural physical dynamics to accomplish any task. It is one of the most interdisciplinary of all tech fields, given it is the science of creation. It intersects 3D printing/manufacturing, metallurgy, computer science, mechanical and electrical physics, biomimetics and bioengineering, materials science, electronics, control theory, and abstract math.

Good luck to Grease Lightening at the World  Championships!