Tech Triumph: Sagemont Prep Students Shine in Vex Robotics Competition

Sagemont Preparatory School’s Upper School students recently made waves at the Jingle Bots Vex Robotics Competition, clinching an impressive fourth place among 47 competing teams. This spirited event, held at South Dade Senior High was orchestrated by the globally acclaimed Robotics Education and Competition Foundation.

The heart of the Jingle Bots competition lies in a captivating engineering challenge cleverly packaged as the game “VEX Robotics Competition Over Under,” where students, with guidance from their teachers and mentors, build innovative robots to navigate the intricate game tasks.

Teams, consisting of two alliances—one  “red” and one “blue”—composed of two teams each, compete in exhilarating matches. The action unfolds in a fifteen-second Autonomous Period, followed by a dynamic one-minute and forty-five-second Driver Controlled Period. The strategic game objective involves outscoring the opposing alliance by skillfully placing Triballs in goals and elevating robots as the grand finale.

A standout feature is the coveted Autonomous Bonus, where eight bonus points are awarded to the alliance that dominates the Autonomous Period, adding a thrilling twist to the competition dynamics.

Sagemont’s stellar performance in the competition resonates with the school’s dedication to cultivating a technology-rich environment. Aligned with national standards, the institution molds students into proficient digital citizens. Teachers at Sagemont intentionally integrate technology into the curriculum, emphasizing purposeful use. This approach not only fosters academic excellence but also hones critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, ensuring that Sagemont Prep students not only succeed academically but also flourish in the dynamic landscape of
ever-evolving technology.