MSD & West Broward High School JROTC Teams Victorious at 2023 State Championships

Congratulations to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and West Broward High School’s JROTC Raider Marjory Stoneman High School female Raider team teams for their stellar performances at the 2023 Florida Army JROTC Raider State Championships held at

Facing stiff competition from over 70 teams across the state, Marjory Stoneman High’s female Raider team and West Broward High’s mixed Raider team emerged victorious, securing first place in their respective tiers. 

Other Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) JROTC programs also made their mark at the state championship. Everglades High School’s male Raider team placed third overall, while its female Raider team won fourth place. Cypress Bay High School’s Raider team also performed well while competing.  

“This impressive showing by our JROTC teams highlights the strength and depth of the program,” said Lieutenant Colonel (RET) Kenneth Green, BCPS JROTC coordinator. “Throughout the long season, these students displayed unwavering dedication, pushing their physical and mental limits to achieve their goals.” 

The state championship competition consisted of a series of challenging events designed to test the teams’ physical fitness, leadership skills, and teamwork. The events included: Team Run (3.1 miles), Fitness Test, Cross Country Rescue (1 mile), Fitness Challenge, and Rope Bridge.