Hollywood’s Miramar Bakery, Celebrating 40 Years

Founded in 1983 by four Cuban exile brothers, and named after their seaside neighborhood in Havana, Hollywood’s Miramar Cuban Bakery celebrates its 40th anniversary on October 15th.  Known for its traditional treats, this local landmark is a favorite of South Floridians looking for a taste of Miami, without the traffic.

The bakery eventually changed ownership in 2006 when longtime customer, and City of Hollywood Police Officer, Alejandro Recio, purchased the business he loved so much.

“As a Cuban immigrant myself, Miramar Bakery was always the place I would go for Cuban coffee during my patrols.  I would always tell the brothers, ‘I’m going to buy this place when I retire.’  And so, when I retired from the Hollywood Police Department after 25 years, I did just that.”

Originally located on the west side of 441, just south of Johnson Street, the State of Florida forced Miramar Bakery to relocate, via eminent domain, for the expansion of 441.  Once a 1,000sf hole-in-the-wall, Miramar Bakery is now a 5,000sf retail and wholesale, food production and distribution facility.

“About ten years ago the State of Florida gave us lemons; it became our job to make lemon mojitos.  Our number one goal was to stay in Hollywood.  Hollywood is the city we know and love; Hollywood is where I live and am raising my family.  Operating in a different city would not have felt right.  Thankfully, we found an available space on 441 less than a mile from our original location,” Chief Executive Officer Alex Recio said.

Miramar Bakery is now co-owned and operated by Alejandro’s son, CEO Alex Recio; nephew Anibal Perez; and niece Claudia Vazquez. 

“After 40 years, I am most proud of how our company has become such an ingrained part of the Hollywood and Greater Broward County community,” Alex Recio said.