Coming Soon: Stranahan High School’s State-of-the-Art Cafeteria

Stranahan High School, part of Broward County Public Schools, is buzzing with anticipation as the construction of its state-of-the-art cafeteria and food service kitchen continues to make considerable progress. 

The Stranahan High School community has been eagerly awaiting the completion of the new cafeteria, which is scheduled to be finished in Fall 2024. This $21 million investment will accommodate more than 800 indoor and outdoor seats, along with a separate faculty lounge. The excitement among the school’s staff is evident, particularly about the modernized kitchen and digital display menus. 

“As we know food fuels the brain, and having the new space will give the students more seating in the dining area – more space will allow all the students to take a well-needed lunch break,” said Lakeisha Neely-Williams, Stranahan High School cafeteria manager. “I’m looking forward to preparing healthy and nutritious meals in the new kitchen, and the digital displays are a cool and futuristic addition.”

For students, seeing the construction’s weekly progress has been exciting because it means being one step closer to enjoying the new, more spacious cafeteria. 

Although this project is not funded by the SMART Bond, it is funded through the District’s Capital funds, the SMART Bond Program’s social media platforms are still actively documenting the construction process. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @BCPS_SMART to stay updated on the progress.