Vernacular Spectacular Art of the Contemporary Caribbean Diaspora on Exhibit

The Ansin Family Art Gallery at the Miramar Cultural Center is hosting a contemporary art exhibit featuring artists Charo Oquet, Corrine Stevie, Dudley Alexis, Francisco Maso, Herve Sabin, Jaime Grant, Jessica Gispert, Mark Delmont, Nyugen Smith, Serge Toussaint, Sonia Baez-Hernandez, Warren Bailey and, Yanira Collado. 

Vernacular Spectacular: Art of the Contemporary Caribbean Diaspora celebrates the aesthetics of Caribbean art and culture through a collection of works by artists across geographies and generations.  

This exhibition seeks to explore the diverse range of artistic productions that are rooted and have evolved through shared histories of colonization, ecology, and resilience. Furthermore, the project chronicles events that bring together this unique region that holds within it an undefinable juxtaposition of bounty and disparity and the compactness of lands interplaying with a vast ocean expanse. 

The constant of a shared fluidity and sense of adaptability is often expressed through creative means that include, architecture, culinary arts, music, literature, fashion, and the visual arts. These are alchemic productions that defy any set of standard rules and disrupt the status quo.

The Ansin Family Art Gallery was established in order to honor the memory of its namesakes, Sidney and Sophie Ansin. It is a tribute to all that they provided and their love of art and culture. Sidney and Sophie were Andrew Ansin’s grandparents, and Andrew Ansin now works for Sunbeam Properties as vice president. 

The gallery was dedicated in April of 2009. Since its opening, it has been used to showcase works that have been gathered from world-renowned artists. Much thought and care are put into selecting only the best works for this gallery, and much of the art is known and studied by artists all over the world. These exhibitions are in partnership with Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern, BOCA Museum, Art Serve, Latin American Arts Pavilion, Miami Dade College, The White House and many more. 

The Miramar Cultural Center is located at 2400 Civic Center Place. The Ansin Family Art Gallery is open from Thursday –  form 9:30 am till 4:30 pm.