Every. Body. Unleashed. Body20 Brings Revolutionary, Technology-based Training to Weston

BODY20 opened its newest boutique EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) fitness studio in Weston Commons last month. The workout technology is a departure from the traditional hours-at-the-gym approach and offers locals a new way to get and stay fit. The state-of-the-art workout studio enables members to burn calories, reduce cellulite, tone up, and build lean muscle by utilizing an FDA-Cleared electro-muscle stimulation suit. 

In just a 20-minute training session, a personal coach will put you through a customized one-on-one program, giving your body over 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout without any need to pick up a weight or use traditional gym equipment.

EMS exercise technology is a type of workout involving electrical impulses to contract muscles. EMS technology has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades with great results. Its rapidly expanding use as a Whole Body Training method provides the perfect combination of a highly effective strength and cardio training.

Tell us about BODY20.

BODY20 is unlike any workout program you have done before. Your personal coach will put you through a customized, one-on-one workout program that will deliver results in just minutes per week. Each 20-minute session is equivalent to an intense two to four-hour full-body workout.

That’s incredible. What are the biggest benefits for BODY20 members versus
other training methods?

Each member has a unique set of wants, needs, and desires. As such, your BODY20 coach will design a program to deliver on those goals. Consistent benefits seen by our members include increased muscle and muscle definition, reduced cellulite, improved posture, strengthened core and abdominal muscles, fat loss, back pain relief, and increased overall fitness. Along the way, we utilize an InBody device to precisely track fat loss, muscle gain, body fat percentage, and a host of other metrics to produce a full-body diagnosis. 

How long is a typical workout? How often do clients typically work out?

20 minutes! That’s it. 

Your entire visit with us will be approximately 30 minutes, which includes arriving, getting suited, working out, cooling down, and leaving. We have three packages that members can choose from that range from four, six or eight visits a month. 

Typical clients come every four to five days, which we encourage as it allows the body to repair and rest between our intensive training sessions. 

With the grand opening, are you offering any new member incentives?

Yes! Founding Members are getting a great deal with lots of perks! Some have even yet to be revealed. There are no contracts required and our Founding Members get to work out for two weeks free. Memberships
start at $175 per month. For that you receive a personal consultation and workout plan with one of our coaches, an In-Body scan every week to track your results directly on our B20 app, personalized training sessions in our state-of-the-art studio, and, of course, the amazing results delivered through the technology in our EMS Suits. 

That sounds amazing. This is a new technology. Is there a way for our readers to learn more?

Yes! We understand that new can be scary, so we want everyone who is even slightly interested (or skeptical) to come see us. You can try a full-body demo for FREE and experience it for yourself. My co-owners and I are all members, and we use the technology weekly, because it works! 

To schedule a FREE full-body demo call 954-361-2618 or visit BODY20 today. It is located at 4587 Weston Road, next to Little Hen in Weston Commons. Come in and learn about the incredible results you can achieve today. www.body20.com/weston/