Community Spirit in Action: HCA Florida Hospital Hosts Girl Scout Cookie Pick-Up Day

Last month, HCA Florida University Hospital became a bustling hub of excitement and community spirit as Girl Scout troops from across South Broward County gathered to collect their eagerly awaited cookie orders. In a remarkable display of coordination and cooperation, HCA Florida Healthcare, alongside local volunteers and students from Broward County Public Schools, managed the distribution of over 185,000 packages of cookies to 50 Girl Scout Troops.

The efficiency of the distribution process was a testament to the hard work and organization of HCA Florida Healthcare staff and community members, ensuring that troop representatives could quickly and easily collect their orders. This streamlined system was particularly appreciated by the troops, facilitating their efforts to deliver pre-ordered cookies, a critical funding source for their various activities, including camping and educational programming.

The event’s success was highlighted by the Kowechobe Service Unity’s Product Manager and the Patient Safety Director at HCA Florida University Hospital, who emphasized the significance of the hospital’s involvement in easing the distribution process for the Girl Scouts. Their sentiment was echoed by Madeline Nava, CEO of HCA Florida University Hospital, who expressed her joy in supporting the community through this initiative and serving as a pivotal distribution point for the cookie sales.

Further enriching this collaboration, HCA Healthcare’s commitment to supporting the Girl Scouts of the USA extends beyond cookie distribution. The HCA Healthcare Foundation has partnered with GSUSA to create mental health and wellness workshops for girls in grades 4-12. This initiative aims not only to enhance mental wellness among young girls but also to challenge and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, demonstrating HCA Healthcare’s dedication to fostering a healthier and more supportive community.