The Rotary Club of Weston in Action at the 2023 Annual Drawdown

On 02/23/23 we had the opportunity to witness the Rotary Club of Weston in Action. This time it was at the 2023 Annual Drawdown which is a reverse raffle organized to raise funds for our high school seniors at the West Broward Porsche dealership.

As you arrive, Jim Inglis and his team valet your vehicle. In a state of the industry facility, surrounded by Porsche’s top of the line vehicles, the ambiance is set with lively songs performed by Cypress Bay’s very own Jazz Band under the tutelage of Gordon Thompson, the energy that a group of dedicated Rotarians, sponsors and local business can create when they come together for a great cause and we are transported to a Venetian Carnival. 

You are greeted by friendly smiles from Deb O’Connor, Manuela Glock, Emilie Wallace, Marc Weiss, Yasmine Mouhamed, Dan Fitzgerald, Claudia Georgiopoulos and Lenzel Davis. 

As our MC’s Jesus “Jay” Sanchez and Peter Williams take the stage with the help of Robin Lewis and Alfredo Aguirre. The raffle begins. In the background, Frank Drier, Christiano Niccolucci and Vern Cameron are making sure the raffle runs smoothly. The students from Western and Cypress Bay High Schools are doing their part as well.  

Even though we are sad to see our number called, we feel proud because we know that over $39,000 are being raised to help students in our community pursue their dreams of going to college. 

The tension builds as 2 of our participants are called to the stage. There is a special surprise for them: A chance to win a brand-new Porsche. They are asked to walk towards two fabulous Porsches on display. When they open the door they find a box waiting for them. It is a toy model of the 911 GT2 RS and 918 Spyder. Applauses and laughter ensue.

In the meantime, our dedicated volunteers led by Christine Piccolo, Madeline Asesor and Susan Strom make sure that everyone was enjoying the fabulous food and beverages.

Five people received the chance to share the $10,000 grand prize. Out of a total of 400 the odds are very good and they know it, so they decide to split the reward. But at the end of the night, they are not the only winners. THE STUDENTS who will now continue to learn and prepare themselves for the future. 

Under the guidance of Jose Barbosa, with the priceless aid of volunteers, sponsors, local businesses and neighbors geared towards a greater cause, building better friendships and goodwill we become part of what it is to see The Rotary Club of Weston in Action.

Thank you FHV Legal, Accuderm, West Broward Porsche, Between Flowers, Primo Liquors, Exquisite Catering, Party Explosion, Event Pros, L&G Balloon Bundles, Somos Weston and each and every one of our families, friends and neighbors for joining us in making this event a great success.    

We invite you to join us again very soon at all of the events organized by The Rotary Club of Weston. For more info and to learn how you can make a difference visit