Temple Dor Dorim Bids Farewell, Early Childhood Center Director Set to Retire

Temple Dor Dorim Early Childhood Center (ECC) Director, Sheila Woldenberg, has announced her retirement after 24 years of service. Sheila has been a part of the ECC Staff since its beginning as a teacher for its Tiny Tots program. She helped build the school’s toddler curriculum and coordinated the Mommy and Me and toddler classes. Throughout the years, she has worked as Dor Dorim’s ECC Program Director, Camp Director, Assistant Director and Director. 

Sheila is truly beloved by the thousands of children and parents she has worked with, many of whom now live across the country. Sheila will be missed by students, parents, and coworkers alike. While Sheila is retiring from her position in the ECC, she plans to remain involved with the Temple and school. Sheila has given her heart and so much of her time and energy to the children and families of Dor Dorim. 

In recognition and appreciation of Sheila’s devotion to Temple Dor Dorim and the Early Childhood Center, she is the recipient of the 2023 Rabbi Norman S. Lipson Generations Award and will be honored at the Temple’s 25th Annual Gala on Saturday, April 29.
Temple Dor Dorim Early Childhood Center

The ECC has provided early childhood education for children ages infant through pre-K for 24 years. The Center’s offerings include a daily after-school program, summer camp, and “Baby & Me” classes for new parents. 

Sheila credit’s the ECC’s success to its focus on what is most important. “We provide a loving and safe environment, rich in curriculum, that is developmentally appropriate for all ages. We are also accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). We currently are the only NAEYC accredited preschool in Weston.” She said, “At Temple Dor Dorim we believe children develop a world of knowledge through creative play. Play provides children with hands-on experiences that help them grow developmentally, cognitively, emotionally and socially.”

“With play as an integral component of the ECC’s curriculum, it enables us to create a warm, nurturing environment where children feel safe to take risks while exploring their world.” Sheila expanded on the link between play and learning, “This type of environment stimulates curiosity and fosters a lifelong love of learning.” 

The ECC’s curriculum is integrated so that experiences are connected, and learning is meaningful. Through a centers-based approach, children are exposed to a language-rich environment that encourages the early skills necessary for reading and writing. Along with academic readiness, the ECC’s goal is to instill within children and their families a cultural identity, morals and values and a sense of belonging to the Jewish community. 

The ECC offers a dual language program and includes special enrichments such as Spanish, Judaica, music, sports, and library. They also offer after-school enrichments from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm and mini camps during periods when schools are closed. 

Safety and health are priorities at the ECC, with security officers, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist on staff.

To learn more about Temple Dor Dorim’s Early Childhood Center visit the Temple today
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