Cypress Bay Student is Making Masks

Girl making masks

Cypress Bay Junior Raisa Ali has formed The One World Project.  The aim is to do charitable work wherever their services can be used.  The Corona Virus Pandemic is bringing out the best in us and Raisa is giving back to first responders by making and donating face masks.  It is sad when you think about it that PPE which costs only 75 cents is such a scarce commodity causing those on the front line to risk their lives to save ours.  Raisa has teamed up with a local business Beautiful Windows Blinds in Davie and in collaboration with their drapery department is making double-lined face masks. She has made several hundred to date and is shipping them out to Florida-based healthcare facilities.  



“Why Not” is the question Raisa urges us to ask.  Raisa says life has changed as we all know it. Spring Break was here and nothing was the same. The new “normal” of no school, no hanging out with friends, no going out, isolation and social distancing was unnerving.  She said instead of turning inward and brooding, she turned a gloomy situation into something positive and great. Why not make masks? The news is telling us how dire the situation is with first responders not having adequate supplies.  


So instead of wasting her spring break, she got to talking with the local business and the rest is history.  Raisa did not know anything about sewing but she made calls to Healthcare Facilities and found out what they were looking for in a mask.  She did her research and found the right fabric and linings to use. The masks are double-lined and are breathable so you do not feel as if you are suffocating. They are comfortable.  They come in plain cotton and patterned for a stylish twist. Another advantage of the One World Project masks is that they are sustainable. You can wash and reuse. So not only are they helping protect our first responders, they are helping the Earth by reducing our carbon footprint.    It takes an average of 30 minutes from start to finish to make a mask and it costs about $7.00 each.

How to help? 

mother daughter sewing masks

If there is an institution in dire need of masks please let Raisa know and they will do the best they can to assist.  Raisa has set up a go fund me and all monies collected are being donated to charities that are feeding families impacted by the Corona virus.   Raisa lives the wise words from Mother Teresa, “ The greatest GOOD is what we do for one another.” She encourages her peers to get up and do. Make a difference.  We can help save lives. 

Check out their instagram:  @theoneworldproject_   

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