Stirling Elementary Students Have an Appetite for Learning

group of elementary school kids

Stirling Elementary students in Mrs. Wadsworth’s class learned some very valuable lessons which just happened to be delicious too! As part of the Kids and the Power of Work program (KAPOW), the 5th-graders had a decision-making lesson called “The Choice is Ours” which was presented by KAPOW volunteer and CBS4 Miami writer, producer, and editor, Oliana Torres. 

The much-loved program has Learning for Success/KAPOW President John Casbarro at its helm as he searches for great organizations and groups of individuals like Torres which have made KAPOW such a success in the past few decades.

“The KAPOW program brings volunteers into schools and students into the workplace to help them connect their school experiences with its application in the real world and life,” explained Casbarro. 

ice cream sandwiches

During the engaging lesson, the students were asked to create and market a product. Several ideas were given and then a vote took place which let them know that each of their voices matter. The winner was a “Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich” (a fun twist to the popular snack). Of course, taste testing was a bonus in the plan! 

The ambitious students had to choose four combinations to create a marketing campaign. They were then divided into groups: Storyboards, Comic Books, Naming and Packaging, and Interactive Games. These groups, aka departments, had their creative juices flowing as they developed Chocolate Monster, Pink Glam, Cherry-Corn, and Blue-a-Corn. Each group executed and presented their plan to the class which also taught them how to target their audience and how large companies work closely together to be a success.

kids sitting at desks

“The KAPOW program is truly a great way to leave a mark on young minds. Understanding the similarities between their class dynamics and the work environment is critical for their success. As a young professional, I know how important it is to have mentors in your life and I am honored to be that for these students,” exclaimed Torres. “They are hungry for knowledge and are much more understanding than we give them credit for. My goal with each lesson plan is to help them voice their opinions and look at any challenge and think ‘I can do this.’ I think that’s the key to a happy and successful life.”

KAPOW is always looking for businesses or individual volunteers, as well as schools interested in participating in the program. For more information about volunteering or how your school can participate, email KAPOW Program Director Tania Reynolds at [email protected] or call 305-338-5548.