Falcon Cove Middle School Welcomes New Principal

There are some big changes in store at Falcon Cove Middle School for the new school year. Construction is finally starting on the new classroom building and, even more exciting, the school is welcoming a new principal. As a former high school principal, Steven Carruth brings a fresh perspective to the administrative position at Falcon Cove.

“I believe that my eight years of high school experience will benefit Falcon Cove in a myriad of ways,” shares Principal Carruth. “Having the full picture of the six to 12 secondary experience for students will allow me to better guide students and parents on what they want to do after middle school. I also have a good understanding of what colleges and universities are looking for in their application process and can help parents and students with planning their future.”

Principal Carruth says he is excited to work with students at such a critical time in the education process. “I am really looking forward to helping students prepare for high school and beyond. I believe the middle grades are such important years for students to set good habits and to experiment on what they want to pursue later in life.”

For that reason, Principal Carruth says one of his top three goals is to continue to expand the Cambridge program, CTACE courses and other college readiness opportunities for Falcon Cove students. “I have worked extensively in Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement and Cambridge and will be in a position to help the transition for students as they move into these courses either in middle school or high school.”

Principal Carruth is quick to point out that he doesn’t plan on making any major changes until he is more familiar with the school. “Falcon Cove is an amazing school and I really plan to spend time getting to know the staff, students and the community as best that I can. I don’t think you should make changes without first truly understanding how an organization functions and what the needs and wants are of the school’s stakeholders.”

Of course, some of the changes are already taking place, with the new classroom building expected to open for the 2020-2021 school year. Principal Carruth says he will do his best to mitigate the effects of the construction project. “There will be some immediate changes and challenges as the bus ramp will be temporarily relocated to make room for this new addition. I’m excited for the project and I think the students and staff are going to really enjoy having this new building in lieu of the current portables.”

As a former teacher, Principal Carruth says one of the things he likes best about being a principal is working with teachers to help them reach their personal and professional goals. “I have a passion for instruction and really love working in teams to bring out the best for the kids in the classroom.”

Principal Carruth holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Florida and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. He has held various teaching and administrative positions in Broward County Public Schools, most recently as principal of Coral Glades High School.