New Playtown Museum Offers Imaginative Fun for the Whole Family

At Playtown Museum, children can exercise their minds and bodies. The unique indoor playground specializes in active, imaginary play. Owner Claudia Vasconcelos shares more about her concept and what Weston families can experience at the new Playtown Museum.

Why did you develop Playtown Museum?

As a mother of two, I felt something was missing in terms of family entertainment in this area. Spending quality time with my kids is a priority and I wanted to create a great educational and safe indoor place, where adults and children can experience fun, family time while creating lasting memories.

Why is imaginative play so important?

One of the most important things we must provide for our children to help them develop is an opportunity to use their imaginations to creatively play and problem solve. At Playtown Museum, we provide superior quality play and educational experiences for children, from birth to age six, and their families. They can engage in a variety of features and activities focused on pretend play.

Please describe the facility.

Playtown Museum is an open play area that simulates a traditional city main street. Each playhouse is filled with furniture, toys and costumes to stimulate the child’s imagination, encouraging him/her to problem solve, make choices and refine their social skills. The playhouses include a family home, fire station, supermarket, animal hospital and more. In addition to the play village, Playtown Museum offers a toddler play area and a slide. 

In addition to open play, what does Playtown Museum offer?

We will offer a variety of classes ranging from recycling and gardening to yoga and robotics. We also host special workshops for children and parents such as storytime, baby massage and positive parenting education. We have plans to offer special events for the holidays, as well as movie nights and pajama parties. 

Speaking of parties, do you offer birthday packages?

Of course! Playtown Museum is perfect for families looking for a fun and special way to celebrate their child’s birthday. Our reasonably priced party packages include use of a private party space and play time. We take care of everything – and even provide the goodie bags. We also offer Baby Shower parties. 

What distinguishes Playtown Museum from other indoor playgrounds?

Our place is unique because here children can pretend play and be whatever they want. I am a very detail oriented and attentive owner. The entire place was designed with quality and different toys and space. 

  • Playtown Museum is located at 153 Weston Road. For more
    information call 954-928-8839 or go to