Coral Springs Museum of Art to Reopen September 29

Decor By: U-Events Catering: Temptations Catering Photo: AJ Shorter Photography

Like the new exhibit “Metamorphosis,” the Coral Springs Museum of Art will be transformed after renovations.

The Coral Springs Museum of Art will reopen on September 29th after undergoing renovations. Guests will be able to enjoy its new look complete with beautiful, open architectural design, rich wood flooring and atrium view.  

The Coral Springs museum staff invites residents and visitors to come see the new upgrades.

“The Coral Springs Museum of Art’s galleries boast beautiful, golden maple floors. We are very proud of this cultural organization and are dedicated to its care and upkeep in order to provide guests with the best 

possible experience when visiting,” said Julia Andrews, Executive Director of the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

The mission of the Coral Springs Museum of Art is “to engage our diverse communities with dynamic exhibits, exceptional art education, stimulating specialty programs and inspired events to ignite cultural enrichment.” What began late in 1996 as a City project to build a comprehensive recreation and community center, soon turned into The Coral Springs Center for the Arts – a performance theater and art museum. Housed in the impressive 30,000 square foot Center for the Arts building is the equally impressive Coral Springs Museum of Art, which was incorporated in January of 1997. Over the 20-year history, the Museum is proud to have touched

the lives of, and inspired, over a half a million people through its endless and significant visual art offerings- and now with their new renovations.

The sophisticated elegance of the Coral Springs Museum of Art will be enhanced by the mystical, highly technical art works created by artist Daniel Winn. Winn’s exhibition, titled Metamorphosis, will be on display from September 29th through November 17, 2018. Winn’s goal with “Existential Surrealism” is to explore the basic nature of human existence and examine the 

relationship between free will and providence, between self-determination and the universal plan. The works are predominately figurative as it is inherently focused on the human experience, but also incorporates abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation. Winn draws upon his own life experiences, surreal in themselves, his ancestral culture and the contemporary influences of the culture and nation, which he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975. Guests can meet the artist and learn about his works during a reception in his honor held at the Museum on October 11th. Admission is complimentary. 

The newly refurbished museum will be available for private parties, corporate events, weddings and celebrations. With the new renovations, the Coral Springs Museum of Art has the perfect look for any special event or occasion!