City of Tamarac Appoints New Vice Mayor

The Tamarac City Commission, representing the City of Tamarac, reached a unanimous decision to appoint Morey Wright, the District 2 Commissioner, as the new Vice Mayor of the city.

This role of Vice Mayor comes with the responsibility of acting as Mayor during the Mayor’s absence. Wright is set to serve in this capacity for a term of one year.

Commissioner Wright, who has been a part of the Tamarac City Commission since November 2022, has actively contributed to the city’s representation. He played the role of a Voting Delegate at the 97th Annual Florida League of Cities Conference and also chaired the Auditor Selection Committee.

Expressing his gratitude and enthusiasm for the new role, Wright stated, “I’m honored to be appointed as Tamarac’s Vice Mayor. I am excited to continue to work with the Commission, residents, and community members to develop meaningful programs and initiatives that will positively impact Tamarac, ensuring our City remains a vibrant and thriving community for all.”

Wright’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida, and he holds two master’s degrees in business and government from Johns Hopkins University.

Professionally, he holds an executive position in a South Florida-based e-commerce company and also runs his own small business, focusing on consulting in digital technology and marketing.

Morey Wright first moved to Tamarac in 1998 and currently serves as Commissioner for District 2, where he was elected in 2022. A proven innovator and natural-born problem solver, Morey brings empathy and passion for positive change to his role, having launched several successful ventures focused on assisting others. He has been a lifelong advocate for progress and innovation—all of which he continues to fight for through his work in public office.

The child of immigrants, Morey’s family instilled the values of hard work and perseverance early on, laying the groundwork for his pursuit of higher education and success as a community advocate, entrepreneur, and tech executive.

Before entering public service, Morey started his career in the banking industry. He immediately noticed how difficult it was for seniors to navigate the growing number of digital banking tools emerging in the late 2000s. To address the problem, he founded Netcrossers, a small business dedicated to helping seniors throughout the Tamarac area with technology. Since that time, Morey has expanded his reach to help a local small business take an idea from inception to a product launch on national TV.