Ultimate Kids Experience Unleashing Exceptional Experiences for Children and Teens

Ultimate Kids Experience (UKE) is the perfect place for parents in search of high-quality, exceptional, and unique activities for their children and teens. The Florida-based start-up was created by and for parents and specializes in premium experiences that stand out from the rest. 

UKE is a one-stop shop for families with 6- to 18-year-old kids who are looking for any type of activity during off-school time. They offer an online marketplace where families can find above-and-beyond immersions (online or in-person) offered by curated providers in a variety of fields, including Academics, Culinary, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Home & Lifestyle, Leadership, Music & Arts, and Sports & Fun. Five of the eight categories are already active. New providers and experiences are being added every month.

We sat down with Founder and CEO, Frederic Dufays to learn more.

Tell us about Ultimate Kids Experience.

UKE was founded with parents in mind. We provide a faster and simpler solution for families seeking exceptional activities for their children and teenagers. Our mission is to ignite children’s passions by connecting parents with top-notch service providers, mostly online and sometimes in person.

From Artificial Intelligence to Chinese Mandarin Language and Cultural Immersion to College and Scholarship Advising, our academic classes are conducted by young, brilliant teachers who are, or were recently, studying at the very top US or Canadian universities. From Competitive Public Speaking to Painting and Sketching to Table Tennis Techniques, UKE is showcasing exceptional tutors, coaches, and instructors who have personally excelled in these disciplines.

That approach sounds so unique!

It is! UKE exists to simplify the lives of parents seeking exceptional growth opportunities for their children, all on a one-stop-shop platform. We recognize the difficulty of finding high-quality, meaningful activities that will enrich your child’s learning experience. At UKE, we strive to build their skills and nurture their passions.

We search for and select the very best talents and offer differentiated experiences on our website. We propose multi-session immersions across multiple disciplines, whether in academics, art, sport, etc.

That sounds incredible. How can our readers find these opportunities for their kids?

The best way to contact us and book your child’s exciting multi-session experience is by visiting our website at www.ultimatekidsexperience.com.

Parents are also more than welcome to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on upcoming classes, new providers biographies, parenting tips, special offers, etc.

If they have any specific questions about our classes or instructors, they may also contact us at [email protected]

We also invite providers who are interested in being listed on our platform to contact us at [email protected].

Let’s embark on the journey to extraordinary learning and fun with UKE!