Create-a-Frame Plantation’s Treasured Artisan Framing Studio 

Every memorable photo, intricate needlework, and piece of sports memorabilia hold stories waiting to be framed. At the heart of Plantation lies an artisan’s haven that’s been capturing these stories in bespoke frames for over four decades: Create-A-Frame.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence

Established in 1978, Create-A-Frame has become synonymous with precision and artistry in the world of custom framing. But more than the services they offer, it’s their approach to each piece that truly sets them apart.

Distinctive Qualities That Set Them Apart

Unwavering Quality: Create-A-Frame has built its reputation on the commitment to superior craftsmanship. Every piece is treated with utmost care, ensuring attention to every intricate detail. Their motto is simple and powerful: “We say what we do and do what we say.”

A Personal Touch: More than just a business, Create-A-Frame is a family affair. Being family-owned and operated, they infuse their work with passion and dedication. Living just a stone’s throw away from the shop has embedded them deeply within the community, ensuring that every frame they craft reflects the neighborhood’s rich tapestry.

Time-Tested Longevity: With over 40 years in the industry, Create-A-Frame is not just a store, but a cherished community institution. Their bond with the community is so deep-rooted that they’ve had the pleasure of framing baby pictures, then years later, the same person’s diploma or wedding photo.

An Array of Services to Choose From

Whether you’re preserving an ancient artifact or framing a fresh-off-the-press poster, Create-A-Frame’s extensive suite of services caters to all:

Expert Custom Picture Framing

  • On-Premise Full-Service Framing
  • Professional Assistance for Perfect Framing Choices
  • Conservation and Preservation Framing
  • Intricate Needlework Framing
  • Dynamic Shadow Boxes
  • Treasured Sports Memorabilia Framing
  • Frames for LTD Editions, Graphics, Posters, and more!

Looking to encase a memory, a milestone, or a masterpiece? Head to Create-A-Frame in Plantation. They don’t just create frames; they craft heirlooms.

Create A Frame is located at 1743 N. University Drive.
Visit them today or call 954-472-6699 to learn more.