Miramar Code Compliance “Keeping Miramar Beautiful”

The Miramar Police Department’s Code Compliance Division strives to maintain a desirable living and working environment. The division partners with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies and city departments to facilitate voluntary compliance of city ordinances.

The following information addresses some of the most frequently asked questions regarding code compliance:

Bulk Trash

  • Bulk trash shall be placed at the curb in a manner that does not impede the roadway or cause damage to cars, mailboxes, trees, or light poles when collected.
  • Trash and recycle cans are to be stored out of public view and are to be removed from the curb after collection.

Burglar Alarm Registration

  • The city of Miramar requires all burglar alarms to be registered with the Miramar Police Department. Prior to activating the alarm system, please contact PMAM at 1-866-950-8188 or visit famspermit.com/Miramar.


  • Grass must be cut and edged on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth.
  • All trees and hedges shall be maintained in a healthy, neatly trimmed manner.
  • No part of landscaping shall present a hazard to the public or traffic.
  • Only dome-shaped decorative landscape stones are permitted to be used on swale areas.


  • Livestock, such as chickens and roosters, are only allowed on residential properties zoned as agricultural.

Outdoor Storage

  • Items commonly used outside such as patio furniture or barbecue grills may be stored on the property in an orderly fashion.
  • Items such as furniture made for indoor use or appliances, cannot be stored on the exterior of the home.


  • All passenger vehicles must be parked on the driveway, under a carport, or inside a garage. No part of a vehicle shall encroach the sidewalk.
  • No commercial vehicles or commercial trucks can be parked on residential property.
  • No derelict, accident-damaged, unlicensed, or otherwise inoperable vehicles can be stored on residential property.


  • Must be contained to the property where they live unless under direct supervision by its owner when in public.
  • All dogs must always be leashed when in public and shall not be allowed to defecate on another’s property.
  • Only three domestic animals allowed per household.

Property Maintenance

  • All properties, commercial and residential, shall be kept in good condition free of blighting factors such as trash, peeling paint, broken windows, and safety hazards.

Short-Term Rental Properties 

  • Miramar has implemented a new ordinance that helps homeowners utilize their primary residence as a short-term rental. The ordinance requires all homeowners who wish to use their home as a short-term rental, follow three simple steps:

Step 1 – Register with the Miramar Police Department Code Compliance Division.

Step 2 – Complete the Certificate of Use process with the Building Department.

Step 3 – Complete the Business Tax Application

Swimming Pools

  • Must be secured by a fence with a self-closing latch to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Pools must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mosquito breeding and other sanitary nuisances.

To request additional information, please contact the Code Compliance Division at (954) 602-3174 or email [email protected].