Expanded Community Garden Welcomes Enthusiasts & Educators

Attention budding gardeners! Opportunities to showcase your horticultural skills just blossomed in Coral Springs. Thanks to a collaborative expansion effort with the Rotary Club, the Coral Springs Community Garden at 2915 Sportsplex Drive is now home to over 100 garden beds, nearly doubling from its previous 54.

If you’re keen to plant your own piece of paradise, garden beds are now available for lease. They’re priced at $60 annually for current members, and $120 for newcomers. By reserving a bed, you’ll have a full year to cultivate your chosen flora. Secure your garden spot through the city’s website, whether you’re an individual, a family, or a group.

This expansion is not just about quantity, but quality too. The garden now boasts an educational and children’s section. These areas aim to be hubs for classes, workshops, and excursions, all designed to foster knowledge about Floridian gardening and sustainable living.

Dr. Andrea Lemaitre, Coral Springs Sustainability Manager, lauded the expansion, noting, “The Community Garden is our city’s hidden treasure. It thrives thanks to our committed residents and volunteers. The new design not only invites more garden enthusiasts but also emphasizes the importance of understanding our local environment, fostering green urban spaces, and promoting wholesome lifestyles. Together, we’re sowing the seeds for a sustainable Coral Springs.”

In memory of Kevin Connor, Jr., a brand new Community Garden Pavilion has been unveiled. Spearheading the pavilion’s construction were notable figures like Coral Springs Rotary Club President Stef Verleysen, ex-Mayor Roy Gold, Susan Connor of P&H Interiors, and the Levitetz Family Foundation. This pavilion promises to offer residents a cool haven for picnics and get-togethers.

President Stef Verleysen of the Coral Springs Rotary Club shared her enthusiasm: “To witness the garden’s transformation, with the added pavilion and educational features, is heartening. It’s the fruit of persistent efforts to instill a greater environmental consciousness in our community.”

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