Turning Tragedy into Triumph The Aden Perry Hero Ring Initiative

Slightly more than a year ago, an evening stroll for a mother and her son took a tragic turn when a car lost control and veered into a lake. The incident left Sarah Perry’s world shattered. Without delay, her son Aden sprang into action, leaping into the water to aid the driver. Tragically, neither the driver nor Aden resurfaced, forever altering the course of Sarah’s life.

“There was nothing there that night that we could have used, and I always think that if there was a ring there, then perhaps my son would be here today,” Perry reflected.

Driven by her loss, Sarah has transformed her grief into purpose through the Aden Perry Hero Ring Initiative. The initiative is committed to placing life-saving rings around various bodies of water across South Florida. The objective is two-fold: to pay homage to Aden’s memory and to raise community awareness, all while equipping people with a tool that could rescue lives.

“I am trying to prevent any other mother from suffering like I am, and I don’t want any more lives to be lost when the rings are readily available to prevent it,” Perry said. “Because of Aden we are saving lives, one ring at a time.” 

Perry recently gifted multiple life rings to the City of Hollywood. She personally participated in their installation at locations like the Polk Street Boat Ramp, as well as the boat ramps at Holland Park and Rotary Park.

“Aden was such a good boy, and his last action was the most selfless act anyone could ever do. He was a hero, and I know at some point someone else is going to be called upon to be a hero, too. With the rings out there and available, I know lives will be saved and that is what keeps me going,” Perry shared.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a life ring in Aden’s honor, kindly get in touch with Sarah Perry directly at 954-348-2064.