Cypress Bay High School “Sound of Thunder” Striking a Harmonious Note of Success

The Cypress Bay Band Program has been a beacon of success over the years, leaving a resounding impact on Weston students for years. With invitations to prestigious state and national events, the program’s performing ensembles have consistently dazzled audiences with their remarkable talent and dedication. A key player in this triumph is Band Director, Brett Dawson, who took on the role of full-time Director of Bands in the summer of 2020. Armed with a background as a professional jazz trombonist and two decades of experience as the former Director of Bands at Coral Springs High School, Dawson has adeptly navigated the challenges of virtual teaching while elevating the students’ performance.

One of the program’s highlights is the Marching Band, which has achieved commendable scores at both FBA (Florida Bandmasters Association) district assessments and FMBC (Florida Marching Band Coalition) regional competitions. Such accomplishments are a testament to the collective effort and dedication of the students and staff.

Despite the constraints imposed by the pandemic, the Sound of Thunder program continued to thrive. An impressive Pep Band comprising 70+ students performed at the Senior Night Football Game, igniting the spirit of the school community. 

The Color Guard is a vital aspect of the program’s artistic expression, bringing a captivating visual element to the performances. The Color Guard has flourished in their role. Behind the scenes, show designers Andres Martinez and Michael Pflug masterfully craft the music and choreography, adding layers of depth and emotion to each performance.

Over 25 students participated in the first-ever virtual Solo & Ensemble District MPA (Music Performance Assessment), with an impressive 13 qualifying for the State level. These achievements showcase the dedication and hard work of both students and teachers, demonstrating the hard work and spirit that defines the Cypress Bay High School “Sound of Thunder” Band and Color Guard.

The success of the program extends beyond the awards and accolades, with a vibrant sense of community and passion for music at its core. The Sound of Thunder continues to inspire, uplift, and entertain, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who experience their performances.