Let Freedom Ring Miramar to Celebrate Jamaican Independence 

It’s been a busy summer of celebrations in Miramar! We just commemorated America’s Independence Day last month, and now it’s time to celebrate Jamaica’s Independence Day. 

Jamaica’s Independence Celebration includes Emancipation Day on August 1st, the significant date slavery was abolished in 1834. Freedom from servitude and colonial rule merits a reason to celebrate, but it’s also a day of honor to remember the birth of the island’s national identity.

Coincidentally, history shows that the origin of the undertaking came from Boston, Massachusetts, the same place America’s independent spirit was born during the Boston Tea Party. 

Boston was the birthplace of Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga. The music-loving politician produced West Indian Records Limited. It quickly became the most popular label in the Caribbean, featuring some of the best local talent and musicians. 

Later, when the country gained its independence, Seaga then created the Jamaican Independence Day Festival to establish a sense of identity and to commemorate his beloved country’s history and culture. His love for his country and its people was always apparent, and he wanted to recognize such an important day.

The people of Jamaica have recently voted to officially become a republic, effectively ending its 300-year-long colonial relationship with the United Kingdom. 

Although the festivities are huge throughout Jamaica, one doesn’t need to have a passport or get on a plane to participate in the grand celebration. Locals can get in the spirit and celebrate Jamaica’s freedom on August 5th from Noon till 6:00 pm at Miramar Regional Park and Amphitheater. Admission is free, and there will be plenty of food, novelty vendors, and more. 

Mayor Messam will lead the Emancipendence Day celebration. Activities include a Kid’s Zone with face painting, arts & crafts and fun water activities, a farmers’ market, Jamaican cultural shows on the main stage, and live music and entertainment.