Miramar Police Explorers

The Miramar Police Explorer program began in 1975 as a way for our department to further connect with the youth in our community and to teach them about police work. Nearly 50 years later our Explorer program, an outgrowth of the Boy Scouts of America and Learning for Life, still teaches responsible citizenship, physical fitness, character development, teamwork, problem-solving and more. 

Police Explorers are young men and women, 14 to 21 years old. Explorer applicants must, however, enroll before the age of 18. Police exploring educates and involves youth in police operations. Although many explorers have an interest in becoming a law enforcement officer, the program is designed to educate youth about police work regardless of the career they want to pursue. Explorers will leave learning how law enforcement functions in their community and have a better understanding of the complexities of police service.

Explorers are in direct contact with members of the Miramar Police Department and are involved in weekly training sessions. These sessions cover all aspects of law enforcement, including patrol procedures, traffic stops, arrest procedures, traffic and criminal law, traffic crash and criminal investigations, firearms safety, CPR, and other life-saving skills. Additionally, during these training sessions, explorers review scenarios that resemble actual calls that police officers handle. They may also participate in the ride-along program and compete in local and state competitions. 

Explorers contribute to our community by volunteering in several areas throughout the city, ranging from city events to summer youth programs. The city of Miramar and other local community organizations also call upon the police explorers to assist with traffic direction and parking control at events. Explorers are not used in assignments requiring police authority but are used to assist the community and police department, under the direction and supervision of police department employees.

There is no cost to join the Police Explorer program. Successful applicants also receive uniforms free of charge. Explorers must be of good moral character and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in school. A GPA of 2.5 is required for the ride-along program. Explorers must also pass a background check (not have a criminal record). For more information, visit miramarpd.org and click on the Community Programs tab. 

The Police Explorer program has been an integral part of our organization for decades. Past explorers have been hired by the department, received sponsorship to the police academy and have gone on to become chief of police or other high-ranking members of our agency. It’s more than just an instructional program. Our explorers are part of the Miramar Police family.