Decades Dance Party Was Pure Energy

On Saturday evening, December 3, 2022, the Weston Town Center was rockin’ and rollin’ at the Decades Dance Party presented by the Weston Music Society in partnership with the City of Weston.

The evening began with kids (of all ages) getting their picture taken with Olaf from “Frozen”.   It brought smiles all around to watch everyone respond to this beloved Disney character.  One little boy stopped dead in his tracks, threw his arms open, and his face lit up as he ran to give Olaf a big hug around the knees.

Then the fun took off led by Pure Energy Entertainment with the dancers all dressed in winter white.  Little kids, big kids, parents, and grandparents,  all gathered to show their best moves to the professional dancers.  There was Spanish music such as Despacito by  Luis Fonsi, regatón music, and songs by such artists as Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer López.  There was soundtrack from the movie Saturday Night Fever which included a show from the dancers in costumes. The crowd danced to the Electric Slide. There was even a good old-fashioned conga line.  Diane Marett, WMS Co Vice-President of Events, was delighted with the action, noting “A welcome addition this year were costumed dancers dressed as glittering butterflies who were greatly enjoyed by the crowd.”

Gina Catone, Weston Music Society President, commented, “Pure Energy engaged the audience for two hours with music and dance moves. I was grateful we could highlight music from the fifties to today.  It was a great kickoff to the holiday season for our community.”