Get The 411 on Hollywood Vacation Rental Rules

Young People Partying

The City of Hollywood Code Compliance and the Hollywood Police Department are actively enforcing the City’s Noise Ordinance rules. These rules include additional rules and requirements that went into effect in 2021. 

Vacation Rentals must be equipped with a noise level detection device alerting the property owner/representative and tenants to noise emanating from the Vacation Rental, and (ii) all data produced by this device will be retained for a period of 180 days and made available to the City upon request. 

A statement advising the occupant that the volume of noise generated at the Vacation Rental is limited by the City Noise Ordinance. A noise level detection device alerting the property owner/representative and tenant shall be installed in every Vacation Rental.

Report Issues with Short-Term/Vacation Rental Properties

Hollywood has implemented a tool to help report problematic vacation rental properties. Whether it is a loud party or concerns with parking or trash, residents can report issues 24 hours a day to a live operator via a dedicated customer service telephone phone number, or via the website. To report an issue call: 954-231-2375 or scan the QR code.

The 24/7 hotline and website will allow for: 

o    Improved response time with real-time outreach to registered property owners/managers

o    Easy tracking of properties and issues

o    Full documentation of photo, audio, and video evidence of noncompliance for evidence-based citations and easily identify problem properties

o    Efficient and convenient reporting tools available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Property owners, property managers and/or the emergency contacts who are registered with the City will be immediately notified and given 30 minutes to resolve most issues. For more complex issues, staff will work with property owners/managers toward resolution. If there is no response from the property owner/manager, the problem persists, or the property is unlicensed, the issue will then be escalated accordingly.

Unlicensed Properties

There are likely thousands of rental properties operating in Hollywood without a license. Residents are encouraged to report these locations. Issues with unlicensed properties, trash collection, advertising, etc. may not be resolved within a 30-minute window. However, the more these types of issues are reported, the better the response to resolution time will be.  

The City of Hollywood is pleased to offer this service that will help ensure property owners/managers are operating their properties in compliance with all rules and regulations. Over time, this service will help to improve the quality of life for residents and reduce the strain on city resources. Take an active role in your community and take back control of your neighborhood. 

For more information on rules for short-term rental properties in the City of Hollywood and the City’s noise ordinance, visit the City’s Vacation Rental License webpage.