Broward’s Got Talent

Sofia Constantino

Although she was born in Panama, Sofia Constantino grew up in Weston. She began her education at Gator Run Elementary before moving on to Imagine Charter School, and now Cypress Bay High School (CBHS). As a child, she played with friends, went to the parks, and participated in an abundance of extracurricular and after-school activities, but it was at the age of 9 she found her true love in singing. From that early age, it became clear that she would be connecting to the world through music and her presence on the stage.

In 2017 Sofia’s parents knew they had to do something with their child’s gift, so they enrolled her in Rising Starz Academy. It was here that the determined young artist spent hours upon hours perfecting her craft. The music and performance training academy prepared her for what would come next. Rising Starz owner Vanessa Valentin saw her potential and placed in her in their Artist Development Program. She then recommended that Sofia was ready to take the next step which was to find a recording studio and an artist name; Vanquish Studios became the birth place of Zofi.

“Zofi has an inner magic that exudes love, kindness, and joy to all those around her. She experiences life at its fullest and is able to capture every detail in her song writing and performances.  We witnessed her amazing talent for singing at an early age and committed to supporting and encouraging her to become the star she has dreamed,” said her parents Eugenia and Cesar.

Between the keeping up with the rigorous academics at Weston’s A-rated high school, singing in the CBHS choir practice, and studying for SATs and ACTs, the ambitious high school junior spends 6-8 hours after school each week at the Davie recording studio where she has been diligently working on her music, her artistic profile, and recording her first song.

The 17-years old is an authentic and passionate artist with a unique raspy strong voice who performs to inspire and composes lyrics to empower.  Her influences take from R&B, Pop, Techno, and even Panamanian Plena, with traces from Rock & Roll, creating a unique blend experienced through performances in English and Spanish.

“I want people to look up to me. I want to inspire people that are not feeling valued or respected. I like to make people feel noticed & important. As a performer, I want to deliver performances that leave you feeling super inspired and like ‘WOW’, that was amazing. I want to inspire others to stand up for themselves,” exclaimed Zofi.

Joseph Salamida of Vanquish Studios recognized Zofi’s drive and passion for the music she writes and performs. He knows it is because he sees her love and desire to connect to her listeners. That desire has allowed the bi-lingual pop star to be releasing her first song “Like Dat” next month.

“Talent comes in abundance, but determination and drive are what set Zofi a part from the rest. Her willingness to dive deep and do the work is what makes her a standout.  Pair that with her fearless stage presence, impacting performances, and inspiring music, she will leave you wanting more.  Her music also speaks to a generation that has lost touch with the importance of relationships and respect, opening doors to a converation that has long needed to be had. Zofi is a new artist who’s name and message will last for generations to come,” stated Valentin.

Zofi’s talent development remains a continuous journey that attracts fans from all ages who attach to her very own “wow factor.”  Her music and stage presence are magnets to winners pursuing dreams, growth, and good vibes.  Zofi is all about inspiring others in the belief that all is possible. The optimistic teen has proven that to herself as dreams do come true if you keep believing in yourself. Zofi is continuously reaching for the stars and is now becoming one.