Story Walk is Back at the Helen B. Hoffman Library

Beautiful public park

Put one foot in front of the other and walk your way into Keiko Kasza’s Finders Keepers. The Helen B. Hoffman Plantation Library will be hosting a wonderful step-by-step adventure for young families. 

Fans of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie will love this new preschool gem from beloved storyteller Keiko Kasza. A hat is not just a hat in these woods! From tree branch to stream to flower patch, wherever the hat lands, someone knows exactly what to do with it and exclaims “Finders, keepers!”

But this red hat doesn’t stay in one place for long, and everyone will be surprised by what happens to it in the end. Youngsters will be delighted by the silly scenes and clever twists and turns in this charming circular story.

The Story Walk is an interactive, numbered, adventure. The story begins at the Gazebo behind Deicke Auditorium at the library and takes readers for a short stroll while they discover the book’s adventures. The Story Walk is available from 10:00 am till 4:00 om Monday through Saturday at the library.

“This is the first graduating class to have experienced an entire year of their educational program through a pandemic. These students have had to learn how to be a nurse under some challenging conditions,” added Dean Turpel. “I worry, every day, about sending my students out there to face conditions that are unprecedented for nurses.  But we need them, and they are ready. These graduates are resilient and are eager to provide some relief to the exhausted and overworked practicing nurses.”