Raising the Standard of Care: Gadh Family Practice Goes Beyond CDC Guidelines to Keep Patients Safe

man in hazmat suit spraying office

Husband and wife primary care physicians, Dr. Ruchika Gadh and Dr. Rundeep Gadh opened their family medical practice in Plantation over ten years ago with the idea of providing patients with personalized attention and care. This driving thought has remained close to their hearts ever since. Unlike larger group practices or medical corporations, Dr. Gadhs’ philosophy is rooted in getting to know their patients and their families. 

The kind and efficient medical staff at Gadh Family Practice have been welcoming patients, 16 years and older, into their practice since opening. They accept all major insurance plans and offer all types of primary care.

Unfortunately, the advent of COVID-19 has made some people scared to even step foot in a medical office. Dr. Gadh took this unfortunate, new reality as a challenge. He set out to create the safest, most sanitary medical office available for their patients. The practice implemented stringent infectious disease prevention policies and retrained staff to ensure everyone who walks through the door will have the peace of mind to know they are in the safest environment possible.

We sat down with Dr. Gadh to learn more.

Tell us about some of the changes you’ve made as a result of COVID-19.

I want to reduce the fear that patients have when they come to a medical office because they are concerned they will get sick. We are now sanitizing our office with commercial equipment and EPA certified sanitizing solution, every day! (This is in addition to disinfecting every patient room, after each patient which is something we have always done). The systems we are using are far beyond the CDC recommendations. This is state-of-the-art.

We also have special partitions in the waiting rooms, temperature checks upon arrival, sick-visit screening before entering, and even sneeze-guards throughout the office. We put air filtration systems throughout the office and in each and every patient room.

This seems like it goes beyond, even COVID.

Exactly. I do not know of any other practice implementing these aggressive measures. We are raising the standard of care in order to protect our patients to the best of our ability, especially the elderly and immunocompromised. Doctors’ offices should have been doing these things years ago in order to reduce the spread of viruses like the flu. It’s still not being done, it’s not the standard of care, but we are looking to be the pioneers to raise the standard of care.

What types of care do you offer?

We offer all types of primary care. Everything from physicals, diabetes, to managing hypertension, to allergy testing, and more.

It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your “new normal” approach, and at great expense. Why did you take this approach?

We take great pride in our patient care. In order to keep our patients safe and healthy,  Gadh Family Practice has learned, adapted, and evolved for the “new normal.” We have always given our patients all the attention they need, we now exceed the standard of care.

Assuming we get a vaccine for COVID, will this change your new approach?

We have made a commitment to maintaining these higher standards for infectious disease control in the future. Simply stated, our goal is to ensure patients come to our office to get well, not sick.

Gadh Family Practice provides primary medical care to patients 16 years old and older. They are located at 600 S. Pine Island Road, Suite 104.  To schedule an appointment or to learn more call 954-474-4401 or visit www.gadhfamilypractice.com.