Running on Sunshine!

solar panels on roof

More and more people are investing in solar power systems, and The City of Miramar is no exception. As always, the City likes to lead by example, so they installed a 42-panel rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) array generating 10kW/day at City Hall in the Miramar Town Center.

The City of Miramar worked with a SolSmart advisor who made the appropriate recommendations to the City. The SolSmart program seeks to address “solar soft costs,” or business process or administrative costs that can increase the time and money it takes to install a solar energy system.  

solar paneled roof

In recent years, solar technology has made tremendous advancements. As a result, the cost of equipment has been lowered and it’s easier to access. Installing solar panels on the roof of a home or business is one of the best ways to generate electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. 

However, there are quite a few factors involved and things that need to be considered to determine if solar power is the right option for each property owner before deciding to install them. Of course, evaluating the roof is the priority. Does it need repairs, can it withstand weight, does the shape have space and which direction does it slope? In addition to the structure and roof shape, one also needs to consider how they are going to connect their solar power system to the grid.

solar panel

The state of Florida also has Solar Laws in place. However, Florida law forbids any entity (including homeowner associations) from prohibiting the installation of solar or other renewable energy devices on Florida buildings.

The City of Miramar has made it straightforward for property-owners to obtain solar permits in the City, for this reason they streamlined the permitting process which includes only two reviewing disciplines: Electrical and Structural.

The City was recently awarded the “SolSmart Silver Designation”, recognizing the streamlined solar permit process. SolSmart is a national technical assistance and designation program, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s “SunShot Initiative”, designed to recognize communities that have taken key steps to address local barriers to solar energy and foster the growth of mature local solar markets. 

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