Broward College Graduate Keeps on Truckin’

girl by broward college sign

Amy Fulmer recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management from Broward College. The 36-year-old Miramar resident will go on to attend the University of Florida’s law school this fall to follow her dream proving it’s never too late to chase them.

“I was far from the ‘average’ student seeking admission to law school.  The ‘extra’ years of life experience provided me with a different kind of education than most applicants. What’s next?  There are so many possibilities for the future! The skills and knowledge I gained through the B.A.S. in Supervision and Management program have provided a solid foundation for my future career whether it’s in a large law firm, working for a governmental/educational agency, or as an advocate for people with disabilities,” exclaimed Fulmer.

Life wasn’t always so easy for this ambitious student. In her early years, Fulmer was a high school dropout and teen runaway. Fortunately, she decided to join the army at the age of eighteen which seemed like the most logical fit for her at that time. Following her four years in the army, she started a career as a corrections officer and then went on to be a long-haul trucker. Driving an 18-wheel truck taught her perseverance. But it was during that time that her life changed by accident, literally, on Interstate 30 in Sherwood, Arkansas.

graduate in front of flags

“Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the collision of two semi-trailer trucks, but it was a pivotal moment that pushed me to re-evaluate my life goals and priorities,” said Fulmer.

Soon after the accident, Fulmer started as a freshman at Broward College in the paralegal studies program which she excelled from the start. She became a paralegal student who was chosen to internship in the college’s Office of General Counsel, was elected president of Broward College’s Paralegal Club, and immersed herself in every aspect and opportunity presented to her. Her fascination with government policies and encouragement from President Gregory Haile (who was at that time the General Counsel and Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Broward College) prompted her to excel and succeed.

“What a contrast to my childhood years! The supportive learning environment at Broward College helped me to mature from a child who felt like a failure with no self-confidence to a self-assured, confident adult making straight A’s,” added the graduate honor student.

“I am always inspired by our graduates who have worked hard to improve their lives through education,” said Broward College President Gregory Haile. “Not only was Amy an outstanding student, but she was a great colleague when she interned for my office. I congratulate her for taking full advantage of Broward College’s opportunities for learning both in-the-classroom and on-the-job, and I will always be grateful for her service to our country.”