On the Wings of Love – Miramar Community Gardens Transforms

Butterfly Artwork outside the Miramar Community Center

Anyone visiting the Miramar Community Garden (MCG) will be happy to see a bit of a metamorphosis. The entrance to Miramar’s favorite community oasis has been transformed with a colorful gateway showcasing a large Monarch butterfly. Visitors will not only have the opportunity to learn more about the 7400-square foot garden located in Historic Miramar, but they will also now be surrounded by the abundance of butterflies while doing so.

“It is unanimous! Neighbors agree that the abundance of flowers has attracted a rainbow of colorful pollinators; Butterflies have returned to the garden! So, it was only appropriate to represent these important pollinators in the form of artwork,” exclaimed Elsi Rose, Development & Capital Management Coordinator.

Workers erect sign at Miramar Community Gardens

Since the garden’s inception in 2010, many valuable partners have contributed to the City’s commitment to health and wellness education. Partners have included Baptist Health South Florida, Slow Food Glades to Coast, HandsOn Broward, and Feeding South Florida.

Most recently, Baptist Health South Florida funded the new project and Miami artist Rudolf Kohn was chosen to create the new structure. The Colombian born artist was enamored by the idea and practically donated the sign with materials covered by the long-standing MCG sponsor. Kohn has been practicing his craft in South Florida for over two decades and has been featured locally as nationally and internationally.

“It is part of my mission to create art that builds healthy communities. Gardening and earth consciousness are an integral part of my life on a personal level. I truly believe in the connection to growing food. When I went to Miramar Community Garden I was impressed with the design and saw the love, dedication, and commitment that goes into the space as a place for healthy growth,” explained Kohn.

The MCG is maintained by volunteers and serves as an educational resource for the community to learn about the sources of fresh produce and healthy living, participate in community service, and hands-on health-based learning.

“Art is a way to inspire, connect people and weave important messages that encourage an understanding. Public art provides a complementary action and relieves an unspoken intention bringing a sense of place to the community. I believe public art is necessary for the health of communities and their inhabitants, as is community gardens and access to freshly grown foods. Together this is a powerful message that I think is important and relevant for all communities around the world. I am honored to make art for this purpose,” added Kohn.