City Launches New Website Services

We live in a digital age and the City of Weston is working to put as much information as possible online and at residents’ fingertips. It recently launched a new map-based application and portal called My City Services that helps homeowners find important information relating to an address/parcel within the City.

“My City Services is intended to be a one-stop-shop for information relating to a specific address,” states Director of Technology Services Ryan Fernandes. “By simply submitting or selecting an address, users can access a wide array of data. This includes available City services, property information, planning and zoning designations, permits, code enforcement cases, flood hazard zones, school zones, political districts, garbage and recycling services, nearest parks and public safety information.”

Fernandes says the site can be used by both residents as well as people looking to purchase a house in Weston. With this app, interested parties can see which building permits have been issued, if there are any code enforcement violations, whether the property is in flood zone, its proximately to fire hydrants and police and fire stations, and much more. There is even a link to the Broward County Property Appraiser’s website to check the home’s appraised value and property taxes.    

“Additional data elements like demographic and crime data statistics are being gathered and may be added in the future,” notes Fernandes.                                          

The City of Weston is constantly working to improve its online presence. According to Fernandes, Weston is continuously improving its service delivery, customer experience and transparency through the use of innovative technologies such as the My City Services app.

“New developments in web technologies including cloud computing and web services are having a profound impact on the City of Weston,” explains Fernandes. “Our constituents are increasingly demanding greater transparency, accountability, and access to information which is a driving force behind what is known as the Open Data movement in government. Our goal is to create a self-service data portal through our public facing website which improves our service delivery and transparency.”

My City Services is available via the City’s website under “Maps & Apps” or directly at Simply input the address in the “Search by Address” box in upper right-hand corner of screen.  Step-by-step instructions are available by clicking Help (the question mark).