Model Citizen – McArthur High School Student Awarded Scholarship for Public Service

Winners with checks

The Broward League of Cities recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to four accomplished and outstanding Broward County high school seniors at the 2019 Broward League of Cities Scholarship Award Dinner in late April at the Sunrise Civic Center Theatre and Art Gallery. One of these “Fab Four” students included Taryn Bradley of Hollywood.

All four students plan to pursue a career in public service, public policy, government, and/or community affairs. These students were selected for their demonstrated involvement in work, internships, and volunteerism in governmental, community, and legislative environments.

Bradley was recognized for her passion of helping the community at home and around the world. Much of the McArthur High School student’s volunteer work has been done through the school through the numerous opportunities presented to her.

During her four years, she participated on the robotics team where she had done much outreach with those less fortunate. Just last year, the dedicated student worked with a group of foster kids to create their own Lego League (FLL) team. Additionally, she tutored those outside of school and has created a blog to help first-generation college applicants like herself.

“I’ve learned a lot from the work that I’ve done. I’ve never had the opportunity to travel the world to help others, but I think it’s really rewarding to see the help that is needed in your own community and to be able to provide assistance to those that need it,” explained Bradley. “More than that though, my work with the kids on the FLL team and the people I’ve tutored have helped me to understand other people and where they come from, as well as how I can help them specifically, so I think that has been really rewarding for me as well.”

Bradley recently graduated with a 3.6 GPA and over 573 community service hours. She plans on attending The University of Florida to pursue a career in public service.

In its ninth consecutive year, the Broward League of Cities’ Scholarship for Government Program has donated more than $32,000 in scholarships for Broward County students dedicated to public service.

“Considering the rising costs of college, I knew going into my application process that I was going to need a lot of financial assistance to make attending college possible. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to go to college, buy I’m even luckier to be receiving this scholarship to make college affordable for me,” added the excited 18-year-old graduate.