Positive Parenting: The Power of Love

This is the month we celebrate love. But have you ever taken the time to think about the various kinds of love that exist?

Let’s start by thinking about the lyrics to one of The Beatles’ most famous songs:

  • I’ll give you all I’ve got to give,
  • If you say you love me too
  • I may not have a lot to give
  • I don’t care too much for money
  • Money can’t buy me love.

Although this song was talking about an Eros love, which is a romantic or sensual kind of love, it actually makes me think about my own kids and the children I have the honor of working with on a daily basis. Their love is a Storge love, which is a different kind of love because it develops naturally. It is a love that nurtures, lifts you up, and gives you a sense of protection and comfort when you are around those that give it.

Did you know that our brain actually releases a chemical called oxytocin when you feel loved and when you give it abundantly? This chemical works magic in the brain and it helps brighten up our day.

There is nothing more beautiful than the Storge kind of love and which I seek intentionally in the morning hugs I get when I walk into a classroom full of kids. It’s the kind of love I feel when my children hold my hand or caress my face out of the blue. It is a tender love that expects nothing in return and no money can buy. Children especially give Storge love without asking anything from you. They actually get a kick out of seeing you enjoy the love they give you.

I love February because it is the month of the year when people are more consciously thinking about the different types of love and when love is most celebrated. As a parent you have full access, VIP privilege to your child’s unconditional love. Bathe in the purity of the love. Energize with its power. And continue to enjoy it the rest of the year. Happy Love month!