Sunshine Elementary Students Get Down to Business with Junior Achievement

Just last month, Miramar Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne had the privilege of visiting Junior Achievement (JA) Biz Town at JA World Huizenga Center at the Lillian S. Wells Pavilion in Coconut Creek with fifth grade students from Miramar’s Sunshine Elementary.

Junior Achievement of South Florida is an organization which develops the business and financial acumen of students in fifth through eighth grades from Broward and South Palm Beach County schools through real-life simulation. The world-class facility prepares today’s youth for tomorrow’s careers by introducing and teaching them essential skills in certain areas such as banking, business, retail, government, and more.

Students had the opportunity to participate in a series of sixteen classroom lessons such as how to apply for a job, interview for a job, write checks, and vote. They were then able to apply their newly-learned knowledge at JA Biz Town where they operated a simulated economy, ran a business and even ran for election. This hands-on experience of being citizens, consumers, employees, and business owners empowers and prepares them for their own economic success.

Vice Mayor Colbourne had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with young Mayor Charles of JA BizTown.  She also met some of the students, parents and teachers who volunteer in the program, and had an opportunity to speak to the students about the importance of learning the basic skills of entrepreneurship.

“I was fascinated by the concept of the program and impressed with the way the students performed their professional roles,” stated Vice Mayor Colbourne.

A visit to JA Biz Town is always a highlight for students as they prepare for the anticipated field trip by dressing for the part in business attire. Although, the young entrepreneurs are having hands-on fun, they are listening, brainstorming, showing responsibility, applying critical thinking skills and critical information, following directions, problem solving, plus learning customer service skills, and so much more. Students get to work in private storefronts that resemble the actual ones since many local businesses are sponsors of the facility to bring the town to life.

“JA of South Florida helps young people connect with relevant learning and the importance of staying in school. Junior Achievement sparks students to develop competitive skills and confidence.” – Junior Achievement of South Florida