New Hope for Patients Suffering from Pancreas and Liver Cancer

There is NEW HOPE for families of patients undergoing treatment for Pancreas or Liver Cancer. Families that have been told they have no further options can now look into IRE-Nanoknife, a new, minimally invasive, cancer treatment that is showing significant long-term survival.

Some Patients have seen a doubling or even tripling of their life expectancy following the procedure, according to recently published reports. During the procedure, fine needle probes are placed throughout the tumor using ultrasound guidance to ensure no injury to critical structures. High voltage electrical pulses are then passed through the tumor, killing it.

The procedure is preformed, as an outpatient procedure in the operating room, by Dr Robert Donoway, a Sloan Kettering trained Pancreas and Liver Cancer Surgeon and a Pioneer of the technique. Dr. Donoway has been in practice, in South Florida, for over 28 years. He is the former medical director and chairman of the Memorial Health Care and Aventura Hospital Cancer programs and is the former Chief of Surgery at Memorial Regional Hospital.

“The procedure is highly effective and kills the tumor almost immediately,” commented Dr. Donoway, “This allows faster resumption of chemotherapy and radiation, leading to faster and better tumor response to those therapies.”


Dr Donoway has performed hundreds of the procedures with many of his patients coming from overseas. He is accepting new patients in their offices at 4000 Hollywood Boulevard, the iconic Presidential Circle building in the heart of Hollywood.

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