Honoring Decades of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic – SPHS Super Six Retire

Students, teachers, and administrators alike wrapped the 2018-2019 school year with many parties, graduations, and celebrations. But it was the South Plantation High School (SPHS) “Super Six” who really wrapped things up. It was time for a grand retirement celebration at Fort Lauderdale Country Club.

Lynnda Butler (Math, 46 years), Fran Holmes (Math, 34 years), Jerry Holt (DECA, 44 years), Barbara McNeile (Medical Skills, 22 years), Akram Molaka (Science, 33 years), and Debbie Vogt (English, 39 years) were recognized for their numerous years of dedicating their careers to education. Holt and Vogt spent most their years at SPHS, but it was McNeile who spent all her years donning purple and gold.

Usually each department has separate parties for those on their teams, but this year so many were retiring at the same time that it only made sense to have a large celebration for all of them. In attendance were SPHS administrators, teachers, custodians, clerical, coaches, and prior colleagues of the retirees along with family members. Former teachers, also now retired, came for the festivities including Jim Overfield, one of the first teachers at SPHS who retired last year as the “Last Original Paladin”.

“May 28th was a very special day as family and friends celebrated the careers of six teachers from South Plantation High with a combined teaching career of 215+ years. A sad day for the students they will never teach, but a happy one for the teachers and their families,” expressed Alyce Culpepper, Retired SPHS teacher.

A slide show was presented which included “fun facts” about each educator. For example, Debbie Vogt taught under seven principals at SPHS and taught over 7,000 students. Art students created and presented portraits of each teacher along with signed autograph books and “Good-Bye Jars” with monetary tips for retirement. Everyone enjoyed mingling, sharing stories, and eating a delicious dinner followed by more upbeat conversation and festivities.

“We can rejoice in their extensive careers and the thousands of students who had the opportunity to be exposed to teaching at its very best. We will miss each and every one of them,” added Culpepper.