No Bones About It, This Student’s Auction is for a Great K9 Cause

There’s always a first time for everything, and an ambitious fourth grade student at American Heritage School created the “First Annual K-9 Cause Art Auction”. Jackson Laurie and his supportive parents, Douglas Laurie and Mikki Laurie-Van Allen partnered with the National Art Honor Society and the award-winning Fine Arts faculty at Plantation’s premier private school.

Inspired by the young boy’s passion for animals and art, the group decided to raise funds for retired K-9s by selling artistic renditions of these remarkable canines. These courageous dogs are fully accredited officers bearing the honor of their office during service and in death. 

Earlier this year, Jackson Laurie along with other art students and faculty went to the Broward Sheriff’s K-9 training field to photograph these K-9 and their handlers in action. They used this photography as inspiration to create professional art pieces embodying the essence of these amazing animals.

When a K-9 retires, they are no longer financially supported by the department they have served. Their law enforcement handlers often graciously adopt them and continue to care for them since they have developed a bond that cannot be broken. However, medical and healthcare for these K-9s can be quite costly.

The Broward Sheriff’s Foundation recognized the problem and established the Retired K-9 Officer Healthcare Fund (RK9OHF). The money in the fund pays up to 50% of the wellness care costs for all retired K-9 from any local law enforcement agency in Broward County. It was the belief of Dr. Herrington, his team at VCA Hollywood and the Sheriff Foundation of Broward County that this fund could offset those healthcare costs.

“As an active member of our veterinary community for over 25 years, I have cared for K-9 Officers throughout South Florida in every stage of their career. Supporting the Retired K-9 Officer Healthcare Fund is our way to continue to give back to these dedicated Officers for years to come,” said Jim Herrington, DVM, Medical Director VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital.  

Just a couple of months ago, American Heritage School hosted a Silent Auction for these special works of art in the Black Box Theatre on campus. Students and teachers created 31 different works of art that sold for over $10,000. The success of the school’s inaugural fundraising event raised over $33,000 in total in which 100% of all funds will go a long way to support these efforts and give back to even more retired K9 Officers that have spent a career giving to our community.