Strong in the Courtroom – Strong on the Volleyball Court – and Strong in the Community!

In today’s world it is difficult enough to juggle a career and a family, let alone have the time to volunteer in the community. However, José Negroni, President of Negroni Law Group LLC, manages to make it look easy.

When the ambitious 41-year-old attorney is not helping clients in his dynamic and thriving personal injury practice or representing them in court, he can be found on another court. This court is at the YMCA in Weston where he coaches two girls’ volleyball teams called the Thunderbolts made up of girls ages 7-12.

Negroni’s coaching career began when his young daughters expressed interest in playing the sport. He immediately went to the YMCA to sign them up and soon after became a coach. Fast forward 4 years and he is still coaching many of the same girls. Watching them grow from inexperienced young children to strong, competitive athletes who understand the meaning of teamwork has been inspiring for the busy dad.

“I originally started coaching volleyball, so I could spend more time with my daughters, but I quickly fell in love with the sport and enjoy it as much as they do,” expressed Negroni.

Additionally, Negroni is active in Indian Princess, another YMCA-related group. The social organization was created to strengthen the bond between fathers and daughters. From camping trips and ice skating to line dancing and horseback riding, and so much more, Negroni is the Chief of the Sioux Tribe within the organization. The tribe is active with 25 fathers and their daughters participating in a variety of scheduled events.

“I enjoy seeing my daughters smiling when we spend time together outdoors,” said Negroni. “They are able to learn social and practical skills that will help them later in life.”

Throughout the years Mr. Negroni has been active in many leadership roles, Regional President of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, Chair of the Grievance Committee of the Florida Bar, Director of the Broward County Trial Lawyers Association, and numerous other trade associations and committees.

Furthermore, Negroni has been heavily involved in helping the youth by mentoring law students and young lawyers. In January 2018, he was selected to serve a second term on the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Despite his heavy legal workload, Negroni is deeply committed to his family and his community.  He is an inspiration and a force for his family, clients, employees and all those whose lives he has touched over the years.