Broward County Hosts High School Voter Drive

Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Joe Scott, led a month-long voter registration drive at county high schools during April. Representatives from the Supervisor of Elections Office visited every high school in the county and met with students in their classrooms, encouraging them to register. 

Students were given paperwork and guidance on how to properly fill it out during history, government and civics classes. Many of the students were already registered via the state of Florida’s driver’s license voter registration program. However, others took advantage of the opportunity to participate in future elections.

“No part of my job is more rewarding than helping young citizens vote for the first time,” said Scott in a video released on the, “Here in the state of Florida your sixteenth birthday is an important milestone. I am not saying that because you can get your drivers’ license, I am saying that because you can register to vote.”

Students who registered will not be able to vote till they reach 18 years old, but will automatically be added to the voter register if they participated in the drive. Many of the students received a keepsake water bottle emblazoned with the @browardvotes logo. 

“I was really excited. I can’t wait till I turn 18 to vote in my first election. Hashtag adulting!” said Stoneman Douglas junior Jo.

“When you become an active voter, you will have an impact on who our government leaders are at every level, including city, county, state, and national governments,” commented Scott, “I’ll see you at the polls.”