Academic School 4 Arts New Way of Education!

A new kind of school opened its doors in Cooper City last September. The school is smaller than a typical school, with just 70 K-12 students, with 20 faculty members. The impressive 5:1 student-faculty ratio isn’t the most unique thing about Academic School 4 Arts (AS4A), however. It is a new school, where the fine and performing arts are treated as equal learning disciplines with core academics.

Courses meet all of Florida’s State Standards and are taught by certified teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and individual support. The school also offers the most robust performing arts curriculum in Broward County, is created by award university professors and taught by experienced, highly talented artists and educators. 

Founder of the Academic School 4 Arts, Inna Maor professional musician and educator was raised in the very famous school of Stolyrsky in Odessa  Ukraine. Her dream was to create a similar school where all students would have the same interests, goals, and love of the performing arts from a very young age.

The school’s daily curriculum strikes a harmonious balance between essential subjects such as math, language arts, science/STEM, social studies, and physical education and the four major art forms: music, dance, theater, and the fine arts. Students learn more than one musical instrument, play in ensembles, create multiple projects, and participate in concerts and competitions statewide. 

The School’s vision is to give students a place that merges the highest level of academic education with the highest level of performing art education while maintaining a nurturing and enriching environment for their success. 

Academic School 4 Arts is accepting applications for new students and accepts all Department of
Education scholarships and vouchers. To schedule a tour, visit,
email [email protected] or call 954-999-5956.

Inna’s Hall of Fame Performing Arts Conservatory Afterschool

After school, Inna’s Hall of Fame, Performing Arts Conservatory offers one of the most sought-after after school programs in the area. The program is available to students from any area school. With convenient school pickup, dedicated homework help, and up to 15 classes per week, this program caters to the needs of busy families. The conservatory offers an extensive array of disciplines, including dance, acting, music, and visual arts. 

Students immerse themselves in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, modern dance, tap, or explore musical avenues such as piano, vocals, guitar, violin, drums, wind instruments, and Rock and Pop Bands. Language lessons in Spanish, Hebrew, and Russian are also available, adding a multicultural dimension to their offerings. 

The Afterschool program at Inna’s Hall of Fame is thoughtfully designed to cater to different age groups. Students enjoy a nourishing snack, receive support with their homework, and engage in daily reading and math challenges under the guidance of qualified educators. To enrich their cultural experiences, students participate in daily one-hour classes in each domain of the performing arts—dance, music, acting, visual arts, and a foreign language—totaling five hours per week. 

To round out their day, after school students have the opportunity to select up to five additional classes from a diverse range of engaging group classes. Transportation services are also available, ensuring convenience for families. 

To learn more about Inna’s Hall of Fame Performing Arts Conservatory,
call 954-237-6021 or visit

Arts 4 All

Within the walls of Inna’s Hall of Fame, a profound commitment to community upliftment is fostered through Arts 4 All, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This special initiative provides students, particularly those from underserved minorities and underprivileged backgrounds, with a safe and inspiring environment to learn and excel in the performing arts. Arts 4 All aims to stimulate intellect, ignite creativity, and empower young individuals to reach their full potential.

Arts 4 All stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, cultivating talent, igniting imaginations, and transforming lives. Through their unwavering dedication to the arts and commitment to providing opportunities for all, this esteemed institution shapes the next generation of performers and instills within them the belief that art has the power to change the world.

To learn more about Arts 4 All, call 954-237-6021 or visit


Academic School 4 Arts is hosting two open houses.
Call now to reserve your place. 

August 5, 2023
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
RSVP: 6:00pm, August 4

August 12, 2023
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
RSVP: 6:00pm, August 11