Colbert Cougars Say “Bienvenido”

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually throughout half of September and into the first half of October to promote and celebrate the rich history, colorful culture, and diversity of the Hispanic-American community. So, every year Broward County Public Schools does their part to celebrate ways that make everyone unique within their schools. 

“The latest demographics of Colbert Elementary reflect an influx of a more Hispanic population than it had in years prior. This is another important reason to incorporate lessons and cultural activities into the curriculum,” explained first-grade teacher Mindy Rechter. “Celebrating Spanish heritage spirit week enables our students to connect to and learn about cultures different from their own.”

The festivities included multiple theme days. On “Taco About It Tuesday” students were encouraged to come dressed in festive clothing. “Spanish Flag Day” followed, and the esteemed magnet school boasted a colorful display of various Latin countries’ flags. “Spanish Artist Day” wrapped the week as students, teachers, and faculty dressed like their favorite Hispanic artist, movie star, or musician.

One fourth-grade scholar stated, “My favorite part of the week was seeing our School Counselor, Ms. Morris, dress like a taco like me and my little brother for Taco-Bout It Tuesday! We had on a hat and mustache, but she was a live taco!”

“As a sixth-year School Counselor, it always warms my heart to put a smile on students’ faces, even if that means dressing like a taco! Although it’s a district and state mandate to celebrate the different initiatives and observance of diversity, it is not the driving force for our participation and celebration, it is the joy of seeing our students, teachers, staff, and parents’ excitement and involvement,” exclaimed Fran Morris, Colbert Museum Magnet School, and Broward County Public Schools Elementary School Counselor of the Year. “It is the smiles being brightened through acceptance and acknowledgment of the uniqueness of their culture that tug at my heart and inspires me to keep the celebrations alive!”