Parkland Among Safest Cities in Florida

City of Parkland

Parkland is the third safest city in Florida, according to the Internet home safety website Parkland was joined by fellow Broward County communities of Weston (number 2) and Cooper City (number 10). The safest city in Florida was the appropriately named city of Niceville, which is just outside of Fort Walton Beach.

Safewise reviews and sells home and internet security systems. The company claims its mission is to inspire people to embrace safety as a lifestyle, turn their homes into sanctuaries, and invest in their communities. They also conduct an impressive amount of research. 

The company’s website states, “We contextualize national crime and safety trends to show how they affect you and your neighborhood. We use this knowledge to examine safety and security products and find out whether they’re worth your time.”

While Parkland is much safer than Florida at large, the state is doing relatively well compared to the country as a whole. Violent crime rates in Florida have held steady for three years in a row, bucking a trend of increased violent crime nationally. Despite this fact, Floridians claimed to be more concerned about crime than Americans as a whole.

Parkland’s violent crime rate was reported at 1.1 per 1,000 people for 2021 while property crime was reported at 7.1 crimes per 1,000 people. There are likely many factors affecting crime rates within communities including the relative affluence of residents, prevalence of alcohol and illicit drug use, and police presence and community outreach.

Parkland has consistently ranked near the top of the list since its inception.