There’s No Place Like Home in Hollywood

3 people in front of blue home

The City of Hollywood recently had their own version of an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The ABC reality series providing home improvements for less fortunate families and community schools earned international recognition for advocating volunteerism. Just like the acclaimed television show, Hollywood’s Neighborhood Pride Program does just the same thanks to funding provided by the City, Broward County, and the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency’s (CRA) Interlocal Agreement (ILA).

The Neighborhood Pride Program supports the maintenance and improvement of affordable housing within low and moderate-income areas (LMI) of the City. Funding may be used to pay for labor, materials, and other related delivery costs incurred to improve the exterior appearance of a single-family housing unit within the LMI Area defined in the ILA.

man and woman next to board with before and after pics

“This is a way that the county and city are working very well together. Rehab homes bring in new owners and rebuild the neighborhoods at the same time,” stated Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr.

The recipient of such a grand and generous gesture was Juliet McGriff. She has lived in her Hollywood home for 38 years. As a result, she had serious issues with her roof and septic tank and many repairs were necessary. “County Contribution Financing”, a part of the program, was used to replace the roof, soffit, and fascia, paint the exterior, provide security lighting, replace the driveway and fence, and add fresh landscaping including sod and tree trimming/removal/installation. 

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McGriff was also in need of some fixing some interior issues such as electrical and plumbing. She also needed a new HVAC system as well as some other items to keep her home updated and safe. The City was able to pair the “County Contribution Financing” with “State Housing Initiatives Partnership” program funds, made available by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to assist the longtime resident with these additional repairs.

So many individuals and city officials including Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr, City Staff and Program Administrator Anthony Grisby, and Mayor Josh Levy were in attendance at the grand reveal.

group in front of blue house

“This was the first ribbon-cutting of hundreds more over the next seventeen plus years when we will have millions of dollars to do a lot more of this throughout the city of Hollywood for this to happen to folks that qualify,” exclaimed Mayor Josh Levy.

Applicants must meet applicable income eligibility requirements of a maximum household income level of at or below 120% of AM, adjusted for family size.

“The house looks so pretty. This is my home and I’m not going anywhere,” exclaimed the happy homeowner.