Feel Old? Discover Your Youth Again

Do you feel Old? It’s a simple question, but the answer could uncover several age-related health issues. There are now science-based treatments that can slow and even reverse the effects of aging.

Personal health typically peaks when we are around 25 years old. A primary reason for this is the fact that 25-year-olds produce the highest levels of natural hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, etc.). As we age, hormone levels begin to decrease, corresponding with a decline in our overall health: organs deteriorate; concentration, memory and decision-making decline; and problems emerge with blood pressure, bone loss, heart disease, kidney function and liver function. Most medical doctors call this normal aging. Fortunately, you don’t have to go downhill that rapidly. Aging, like any other medical condition, can be treated.

Universities and research centers throughout the world continue to unlock the secrets of aging. Dr. Val Manocchio, at Doctors Best Wellness Center, could be the perfect physician to help you offset the impacts of aging.

The Specialist You Need –
Val Manocchio, M.D.

Dr. Manocchio is one of the few physicians who is board certified in the field of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine in South Florida. He has helped patients optimize their health, build muscle and lose weight for more than 20 years.

The team at Doctors Best Wellness Center know that traditional medicine often masks symptoms rather than treat underlying problems. Instead, they work to get to the root of their patients’ health and aging concerns, driving meaningful, lasting results.

Dr. Manocchio is a Fellow at the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine (A4M) and holds a medical degree from the University of Miami. His first medical specialty was anesthesiology. He practiced women’s health & fertility as well as emergency medicine early in his career. Plus, he has the benefit of working side by side with South Florida Plastic Surgeons, learning techniques with Botox and dermal fillers for over ten years.

“I began my emergency medicine career in 1979 and practiced anesthesiology for several years,” said Dr. Manocchio, “Today in my South Florida clinic I believe I am truly saving many more lives than I did in the operating room or the emergency room. I help my patients achieve optimal health through medical weight loss, nutritional replacement, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.”

Hormone Replacement

Hormones are naturally produced in the glands. They act as messengers to control metabolic processes throughout our bodies. Everything from memory & concentration to regulating blood pressure is controlled by proper hormone levels therefore protecting all organs. When out of balance, cellular damage results, symptoms patients present with to their doctor typically come much later.

Doctors Best Wellness Center prescribes and replaces bioidentical hormones, which are the same exact molecular structure that your body normally produces. According to recent clinical studies, patients with bioidentical hormone replacement feel better and are healthier physically and mentally. Plus, they live significantly longer.

Doctors Best Wellness Center practices evidence-based medicine, proven by properly conducted clinical studies. Regretfully, the importance of managing hormone levels and the impact they have on the aging process is seldom taught at medical schools. In fact, Dr. Manocchio often sees patients with obvious symptoms that were not diagnosed because proper blood tests were never measured.

Low “T”

While most people associate testosterone with healthy sexual function, there are testosterone receptors in both the brain and heart. Testosterone is essential for memory, concentration and focus. Even though most men come in for testosterone to improve sexual health, attaining proper levels improves heart, lung and brain heath as well.

Testosterone is perceived to be a male-only or masculine hormone. In reality, testosterone essential in women as well. It regulates fertility, red blood cell production, muscle mass and fat distribution. It is crucial for memory, concentration, stamina, immunity and of course libido. It is also essential to prevent vaginal dryness and pain, and very important for weight loss in menopausal women.

Thankfully, patients who are diagnosed with Low-T can be treated with bioidentical hormone therapy. You will be given a supplement of the exact hormone your own body produces. The results from this type of therapy can be immediate. Patients frequently feel better within a day or two.

Medically Managed Weight Loss

Anyone who has ever tried to drop even a couple of pounds knows that weight loss is hard. Weight control often requires Medical monitoring and intervention.  After nearly 25 years caring for weight loss Patients, Dr. Manocchio knows certain principles and lifestyle alterations must be followed to achieve lasting results. However, without replacing hormone irregularities and measuring and maintaining proper blood test levels it may not be possible to control healthy weight. Diet and exercise alone is often not enough. The combination of aging, lower hormone levels, faltering immune function, muscle loss make it impossible to control weight with diet and exercise alone.

Combining the best of conventional & preventative Medicine

Contact Doctors Best Wellness Center today. Together with you, they will design the therapy and lifestyle adjustment plan to boost energy, control weight and get you feeling the best you can.  Optimizing your hormones means putting them back where they were when you were 25 years old. Patients receiving these therapies gain strengthened immunity against disease, have lower incidence of cancer and live longer. This therapy slows the progression of the problems we typically call normal aging, including osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia, not to mention menopause & PMS, andropause & ED, wrinkles, bruising, loss of facial volume.

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